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Patient Registration
Client Registration
1) Request an appointment through the Patient Portal.
A phone number, email, and credit card are required.

We will briefly discuss your counseling needs.
You will be contacted by email or phone.

3) Complete intake documents in Patient Portal.

You will be sent intake documents to fill out paperwork before the intake appointment.
Office Forms & Policies

Authorization for Release of Confidential Information

Are you needing your records sent to another provider? You have options.
  • Download, complete, and email/fax the Authorization for Release of Confidential Information. (Longer) 
  • ​Request a Authorization for Release of Confidential Information form using the Patient Portal. (Quicker)
Office Location:
Google Map

First-Time Visitors:

Office entrance is accessible only when approaching from the south.

Zoom in to see exactly where the office is.

It's very easy to miss!

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