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Clinical Supervision

Need a Clinical Supervisor?

If you've finished graduate school, 'Congratulations!' You're now likely be in search of a job - whether it's with an agency, in a group practice, or in solo private practice. After getting a job, finding a clinical supervisor is likely the first step in pursuing independent licensure.

Not everyone can be a clinical supervisor in the State of Kansas. Since 2017, clinical supervisors are required to have certain educational training in order to be board-approved. I have been approved by the Kansas BSRB as an Approved Supervisor.

I have experience in working with children and families in the Kansas foster care system in both an inpatient hospital and inpatient residential settings, working with the chronically mentally ill referred for court-ordered hospitalization. I also operate a small outpatient private practice.

If you need a clinical supervisor, are looking to grow in your professional identity, and want to continue your clinical training, please email or call me.

Chris Brotherton

KS BSRB Approved Supervisor

​Tel: 913-489-7224

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